Need help with property control

Hi Guys,


How do I convert the existing filter to dropdown list using property control?  I have following columns in my table.


  1. Period
  2. Dept.    
  3. YR Categories   
  4. Budget Nature 
  5. A 2016 YTD    
  6. Committed PO 
  7. Remaining Budget


Where my major filters are 1. Period and 2. Dept. This two filters are driving the entire dashboard. I want to have the Dept selection as a dropdown as I do not have much room to display 20 Dept. I inserted a property control -> Created a new property and named it as “Dept.” -> Set property value through -> “ Unique values in column” -> Settings -> Selected my data table -> Column -> “Dept” -> Hit okay. I can see my various departments in “Dept” dropdown in my text area. Now I right clicked on category axis of my bar graph and selected property “Dept.” and hit okay.


I am getting the attached error message. I get this message for each departments, I am not sure what’s wrong here.


Can someone please help? I have also added screenshot of my bar so that you could see what I have taken in axis.



Keyur Parekh


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