Need iron python scripting help to display label of reference line in bar chart


I need to add a simple horizontal reference line (under lines&curves) representing an avergae value of a column to a bar chart using script. I am able to do this. But, this wouldnt display the he label (curver name & calculated value) for this reference line. 

I need help to add this function in the script. I couldnt find appropriate property in API documentation for this purpose. Any inputs are very much appreciated. Thank you.  



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Hello Abhiram , did you get any resolution for the label change of horizontal line using scripting ? Iam currently  facing the same issue as described by you.  In case you didn't get any resolution can you please suggest me any workaround to resolve this issue that might have worked for you.


Ritwik Gupta

ritwik3791 - Jul 13, 2018 - 4:43am
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