Need Multiple Columns in a Scatterplot condensed into 1 column

I am trying to create a scatterplot that uses multiple columns on the Y axis and multiple columns on the X axis. Each of the columns on the axes are new calculated columns using document properties (input fields like a survey). How can I get the 3 columns on the X axis into a single column so that the values aren't plotted on top of each other? The attached chart obviously doesn't make any sense, but I'm not sure how to go from multiple columns down to 1. The tricky part is that the columns are driven off of dynamic document properties (value inputs). I tried to do insert rows into a new table with the desired column headers, but that does not bring over the document property (i.e, the inserted rows do not get updated if the values of the document properties change).

I'm stuck -- any thoughts?


Hi Jennifer,

I would unpivot the datatable, so that the three columns are converted into 2 columns: 1 for the variable name and 1 for the value.

Based on this unpivoted table, you would be able to create the graph.

Kind regards, Andre

akooy - Dec 17, 2018 - 5:50am

 I didn't clarify in the description that each Jurisdiction name is a document property input (therefore stored as separate column) as well. So there is no singular [Jurisdiction] column for the case. We have ${Jurisdiction1}, ${Jurisdiction2}, and ${Jurisdiction3}.

jennifer.bradley - Feb 19, 2018 - 8:51am
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