New Living In Scribe Online Blog Post - HttpWebRequest C# For Scribe Online API

Scribe has made it extremely easy to work with their API. Currently, in my limited free time, I am working on a reusable C# library to send and receive data from Scribe's API. Once it is completed for Version 1, I will list it to GitHub, so anyone can consume it and provide feedback on improvements. There will be a fully built out wiki with how to consume the library with references to the Scribe API documentation. Also there will be both TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development) projects. This way you can see examples of how to consume the library as well as what I tested before release. If you are not familiar with BDD, I recommend you check out my blog post in my Dynamics 365 blog, that gives a high level overview of it...


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