No locally stored Geocoding tables

When I am trying to create a Map Chart in Spotfire Analyst 7.6 I get the following errors:

1) Yellow ! Error: "Incorrect Configuration (Data Set Name) The configuration of geographic location is incorrect"  

I then follow that error to the positioning tab within the marker layer settings where I receive a second error

2) Red ! Error: "No geocoding tables specified"

I found the below guidance where I should be able to find the locally stored geocoding tables however when I reach step 9 and follow the identified pathway there is no "Example Data" folder, nor an "Geocoding Data" folder. 

Does someone know the correct path in order to get the geocoding data set into my version of Spotfire so I am able to create map charts with my data?


Locally Stored Geocoding Tables

It is possible to add locally stored geocoding tables to an analysis, if, for example, you do not have access to the library. To add a locally stored geocoding table follow these steps:

  1. Open the properties page for the map chart.

  2. Click Layers.

  3. Select the marker or feature layer you want to use the geocoding for and click Settings.

  4. Click Positioning in the Marker Layer Settings or Geocoding in the Feature Layer Settings.

  5. For the Marker Layer, select Geocoding.

  6. Select the column you want to geocode by.

  7. Click Add > Add Data Tables... next to the Geocoding hierarchy list.

  8. Click Add > File... in the Add Data Tables dialog.

  9. Browse to the geocoding table, click Open and then OK.

    Note: If you are using TIBCO Spotfire Desktop, the default geocoding tables are located in the folder

    C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\TIBCO\Spotfire Desktop\<version number>\Example Data\Geocoding Data\


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