Non-Functional currency transactions to Dynamics GP with Scribe PM Transaction/PM Distribution objects?

I am new to Scribe (v 7.9.3) in the past few months but have written integrations to send our payable invoices/transactions from our operational system to Dynamics GP 2018. Our functional currency is USD. These integrations have been running successfully for a few months with no issues. Now we are bringing on Canadian business and I need to send payables in CAD over to GP as well. I have all of the multicurrency setup done in GP as well as the exchange rate table and rates. I can manually enter a PM Transaction in GP in CAD and it calculates the functional amounts.


I have attempted to modify my integrations to accomodate CAD. I have compared the database entries for what I have entered manually vs what I am attempting to send via Scribe. I see that the PM Distribution and underlying stored procedure does not allow the originating debit/credit amount as inputs.


We are creating the distributions manually with create distributions set to 0. I have tested and found that if I do not manually create the distributions and leave create distributions to 1, the originating debit and credit amount gets set. But we need to break out the distributions to multiple accounts and need to assign these manually.


I need to be able to send multiple distributions for a non-functional currency. What is the best way to use scribe to Dynamics GP to be able to accommodate multiple currencies?