Not able to retrieve the WSDL from Administrator when the deployed connection use machine IP

Hi All 

I want to make soap request from postman only to my deployed BW-WS App , and as prerequisites , I need to be able to retrieve the WSDL from my BW deployed  Application ..and I managed to do that retrieval but the Endpoint inside the WSDL came with " localhost" ,So the request not proceed as the service running in remote server  .

I deployed my BW and wrote in the HTTP connection localhost ,,when I change the localhost to the machine IP and deployed my application ,

 I am not able to retrieve the WSDL although the host name is correct in the machine !!! Do you have any idea why ???? 


Check the below link to know what I am trying to achieve 


1-Retrive WSDL


2-Send Soap Request from PostMan