Not Valid Base 64 String When Decrypting Password in CDK

I created a connector and set an API key field to password type and passed the crypto key to the form, like I have done in the past.  I also made sure that I am using the ConnectorAPI dll.  I called the Decryptor and Decrypt AES_Managed and received an error that the string passed in is not a valid base 64 string.  Debugging reveals that the string is not the one I input, so it had to be encrypted.  Here is the other odd part.  If I debug on my developmenbt machine with the field set to password and DON'T decyrpt it, everything is fine.  If I try to decrypt it, it fails with above error.  When it does work fine, it shows the api key in debugger.  But, when I move it over to server with On-Premise agent, it fails, shows and shows a differnt key.  I then added the Decrypt code and got the not a valid pase 64 string.  So it seems to work without needing to decrypt on some machines but not others and when you do decrypt, it fails.  Really weird behavior.  I can't share code snippet since it's for a client.  But, I can do a screenshare if you need me to Scribe.