OData 4 / Web Data Connector to connect to Innotas

We have received a requirement to connect Spotfire with Innotas and we seem to have hit a stumbling block. Problem seems to surround OData 4. When we connect to the Service URL we receive a "The data source does not exist or it does not respond." There isn't a ListService.svc url, apparently a new thing allowed under OData 4.

Innotas has recently implemented a OData 4 connection under a beta program. Connecting via this method does not work in Spotfire. I cannot find documentation stating what OData version Spotfire supports, so I am assuming that it is <3, as 4 seems to be a large departure. Other adhoc methods work, so the issue isn't server side.

There is additional Innotas documentation for Tableau => Innotas, stating the OData connector doesn't work (likely not v4 either). Instead the accepted process for Tableau is to use their Web Data Connector. I cannot seem to find a similar method for Spotfire. The only thing I can imagine is a custom connector, that we would have to write/buy to accomplish this.

Has anyone encountered similar issues with either Innotas or other OData 4 sources and how did you work around them?

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