One pager dashboard - different time series for the charts and peer highlight within peer groups charts


I have started working with Spotfire three weeks ago so I would appreciate a step to step guidance or a less technical response if possible.

I have created a one pager dashboard with a number of companies' financial reporting metrics i.e. revenue, costs, commissions, profit, tax, etc. Within the dashboard I have a number of charts and I would like to make it interactive for the end user i.e. he will click in one chart, the second one appears, click on the second, the third one appears. The first chart is a scatter plot. I want that chart to have only 2017 information (I know how to do that!). Once you click in any buble, I would like the detailed visualisation chart built besides it to highlight the company in a different colour against its peers (this is where I get my first challenge, once you click on a buble, the chart only shows the company clicked, if this second chart is built outside detailed visualisation then nothing happens to it if you click on a bubble).

The third chart highlights the historical information of a given metric. The problem here is that if this chart is build on a detailed visualisation from the second chart which was built on the detailed visualisation of the first chart then only 2017 will appear rather than the historical information. I have played around with filtering but I could not solve it. 

The third and final question is about peer highlight, I would like to have a drop down button on the page that would sign post within the scatter plot chart where that company is i.e. by highlighting it in yellow whilst peers are say grey.

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