Opening Network files from Webplayer via python - "No licensed reader can be found" error


I'm having problems opening files from an Analysis on the Webplayer (my company is way behind and still using 6.0). I wrote some python code to load any file dynamically, and I can do this without any issue via Automation Services. However, when I try to open a file on the Webplayer directly, even though I've set up my IIS pool on my local machine to run under my credentials (I'm an admin with full rights), it keeps complaining about the the license reader. The error message I receive is:

<type 'exceptions.IOError'>
No licensed reader can be found for file: \\<Server>\<Path>\<filename>.sas7bdat

Note: SAS drivers were installed on the machine, and work when refreshing the Analysis when linked. Same issue happens in Spotfire 7.8.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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