Package builder for SF 7.6 - 'Worker' is not a valid value for IntendedClient


We need to extend the Automation Services Job Builder - but we get the above error when deploying an example, so I need to check:

  1. Is spotfire SDK 7.0 the latest & if not where can we get latest?
  2. Are there any guides for setting up the package builder in 7.6? i.e. what Spotfire Distribution to add
  3. I want to deploy the automation services example found in the SDK - will this even work in SF 7.6?
  4. We are deploying to "Any Client" as Andrew advised this for SF 7.6 deploys - can you confirm this is right?
  5. Should we deploy to the thick client or to the web player (which was webplayer\modules but we assume is now nm\services)

Here's what we have tried, and note we tried both distributions with the same error...

This Validates OK, but on Deploy we get the error "Worker is not a valid value for IntendedClient":


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