Passing filters as parameters from one report to another while using hyperlinks.

Hi folks,
I am exploring a way to pass filters as a parameters from one dxp file to other dxp

I have two dxp files (reports say R1 and R2), In a report R1, I build a list table with following columns

EmpNo, EmpName, DeptNO, DeptName, ReportURL (ReportURL is a calculated column with hyperlink text which takes to Report R2 upon a click.)

The Report R2 also holds the information of EmpNo and DeptNo.

My goal is whenever user clicks the hyperlink from Report R1, corresponding EmpNo and DeptNO values has to be passed as filter parameter to Report R2 should open a report by applying filters dynamically.

As of now, I am able to open the report but notable to pass the filers as parameters to target report (R2)

Please assist me with step by step process to achieve the above case in Tibco Spotfire. Kindly provide the great level of details as possible as I am new to this tool.

Let me know if i missed any information in the post.

Looking forward for a response.

Thank you

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