Passing Parameters to DTS


I'm not new to the Scribe Workbench, but am to the Insight framework and Console, so please bear with me.

I have a requirement from within a web application (SalesLogix) to allow the user to browse for a csv file they have created and fill in a couple of categorisation fields. The application would then pass this file to Scribe and import the data into the database.

Originally, I was going to simply use a File based Integration process and have the application drop the file into the required directory for Scribe to pick up.

However, the two values entered need to be used in the target data. What is the best way of doing this?

I have a number of ideas, but I'm unsure which are best (or even feasible)

Have the application modify the selected csv file and add the values into each row before saving it to the correct directory.
Save a record into the database detailing the import parameters supplied
Then rename the file when saving it with the ID of the new record as the filename
Then within the Integration Process use DTS Parameters with dblookup functions on Target (I don't know if this can be done. Any advice?)
Use a message Queue based Integration process.
The values and file path will be contained in the message.
Use these to run the DTS. I am unsure if a Message Queue Process is only for messages that contain the data or can they simply be used to trigger the process but still use the csv file as source.

Any help would be appreciated.



Posted by Martin D. on Nov 4 2009 11:45AM { U1165 , F8 , T961 , C2755 }

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