Password encryption/decryption

Hello All,

I am with another much discussed topic, password encryption. I did search thro' this community, but did not get any ideas to solve my problem.

Let me narate what I am trying to achieve. Well  I manage my configuration for QA/TEST/PROD within the .tra file. In here i have sensitive details i.e. password to connect to the Database. On why I am using the .tra file and not direct managing from tibco administrator is to ease the installation procedure. And when i have updates/upgrades of my bw package .ear, i dont have to do all the configration from scratch. Rather i will copy and paste the configuration info.

So, here for the password, i am trying to encrypt and decrypt using a java code (external jar). the encryption mechanism is pretty much simple which will return another String. for eg: "PASSWORD" will become "aXbYcZ11=". In .tra file tibco.clientVar.DATABASEPASSWORD=aXbYcZ11=.

Now is the problem. How am I to decrypt this and pass it to the DB Connection Pallet?(i have my decryption mechanism with me) In simple encryptin/decrypting globalvariables? I am not sure if i can say that way.

I guess I have explained my problem correctly.

Any suggestions?

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