Patch needed?


I'm testing the Spotfire Client version  (connecting to the server

I am trying to make a scatter plot (or line chart) with two real columns (B and C) on the Y axis, using a DateTime column (A) on the X axis, but I'm getting the error:

"multiple non-aggregating expressions cannot be used on a continuous axis".

I have found that there are hotfixes on; and hotfix TS_5.0.1.17 HF-005 fixes the error "Multiple non-aggregating expressions cannot be used on the y-axis in Line, Combination or Bar Charts"

I have two questions: Will this hotfix solve my problem? And how do I install this hotfix (I already downloaded the zip file and opened the spotfire50_hotfixes/HF-005/TIBCO_Spotfire.htm file, but it has no instructions for update the client...)

Best regards,

Koen Janssens

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