Percent of total on Bar chart


I am trying to develop a bar chart (dynamic), which shows the percent of patients that had an advese event. I have included my files below (one Excel, and one DXP). In the bar chart that I created, it is easy to see that of 6 patients,  5 had fatigue (Patient 1-003 had fatigue twice, but we only want to count once). However, what I want to show is, out of a total of 6 pts, 83% had fatigue. If I change my Y axis to UniqueCount([PatientID])/6, the resulting graph is right, but it is not dynamic. That is, if I want to filter on Treatment Arm A only, than I can see that 3 of 3 pts had fatigue (100%), but because I am dividing by 6, it looks like 50% pn the graph. I need to have the denominator change in response to the filter. Is this possible?


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