Performing Job Initialization tasks

Hi Experts, so was wondering if anyone could shed light on exactly what Scribe is doing as part of this step and whether the type of source/target adapters has any kind of performance impact on how long it takes.


Currently, I am writing data from one SQL Server table to another SQL server table within the same database (zero transformations/variables/logic). It takes 2-3 minutes to "initialize" multiplied exponentially by the number of DTS packages that need to be run thereby creating a bottleneck.


I've used scribe mostly in the past to write data to Dynamics 365 and encountered the slow initialization which I put down (assumed) was due to the CRM API; Interestingly, the same kind of delay happens just within SQL Server is there any way to speed this up?


Does the Integration processes/console approach do the same kind of initialization? Are there any kind of standard timings for how long this step should take so I can see whether there is some wider issue? It seems remarkably slow on our server.