Plotting % of Amount vs. % of Group on a Scatter Plot (Pareto-like chart)

Hi All,

I am working on converting a Tableau workbook to Spotfire and am having trouble recreating one of the charts. It's a variation of a pareto chart using a scatter plot. Each mark in the scatter plot represents a "Group" which is a categorical field in the data. For each group the plot shows the cumulative percentage of the sum of Amount represented by that group vs. the cumulative percentage of the count of all Groups. The marks are sorted in ascending order based on the cumulative Amount. Basically this chart allows you to gain some insights as to the relative distribution of the Amount across the Groups. (e.g. in the example you can quickly see that 40% of the amount is represented by 20% of the groups).

I have attached an image that shows the final result as well as a small sample data set. 

In Tableau this is accomplished by creating a calculated field for each axis that is defined as a running total of the sum of Amount (for y-axis) or count of Group (for x-axis) sorted descending, then you add a secondary calculation to compute the percent of the total.

I'm not quite as strong in Spotfire and cannot seem to figure out how to map the logic over to Spotfire expression syntax. Any help would be appreciated.



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