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Points in polygon TERR - points in multiple overlapping polygons?


Similar to the Points In Polygons data function by Peter Shaw, I would like to be able to select points that occur in a polygon, but in a map layer containing multiple overlapping polygons.

For example, in the E&P industry we have a layer containing boreholes (points) and a layer containing survey outlines (polygons). I want to create a selection of boreholes by selecting a survey outline. But there can be multiple surveys done over the same surface, and thus you can have polygons overlapping partly or entirely. In the current script, the polygon ID of the top polygon is added in a new column in the point table to the row of a point that is covered by that polygon. There is not an additional row added for the same point, when there is more than one polygon covering that point. Is it possible to invoke such a transformation (adding rows to the data table, besides the calculated column) by a TERR function? If so, can someone help me with this? Also, are there maybe spotfire native map layer calculating functionalities in the newer Spotfire versions (or future, unreleased versions) that could do the trick? I run Spotfire version 7.6.


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