Populating a heat-map chart by default when column names change. Specifying Aggregation in Expression

I am running a data function from my Spotfire dash-board which returns a table of numbers based on the analysis of a set of variables selected interactively.

For each run the names (headers) of the columns in the name are based on the interactive selection so they can be different between each run.

I have a heat map chart set-up to display the data for the variables.

If I set up the charts "manually", i.e. I select the columns to display after a run, the chart will display an error message after the next run if different variables have been analyzed (the chart can no longer find columns with the names the charts were set up for previously).

If I set up the X axis for the chart with a simple expression like: $csearch([RF Prices Analyzed],"Not Dates") , the chart will dynamically reset to display under the X axis the names of the new variables for the run (except the column labelled "dates"). But the chart is not populated: the message "Specify Aggregation" is displayed. And since the variables are now identified with an expression rather than by name, I no longer have access to the standard menus where I indicate aggregation.

How do I specify the Aggregation for all columns in the table in the expression (without referring to the column names since they change with each run)?.

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