Portfolio function, marking common item across multiple analysis

I would like some help on the version 7 of Spotfire with a function previously known in Version 6 as "Portfolio".

The "Portfolio" is a set of samples/data which can be use to query another data set to call up all the results with the same identifier from the "portfolio".

Eg when we have a set of 1000 samples, and selected 50 samples due to some selection criteria. What we did was to mark these 50 and put them into a "Portfolio" calling it "Selection 1".

We can then use this "Selection 1" to query or highlight them in another analysis table of maybe a superset of 5000 samples, as long as there is a common column ID across both table. The same 50 sample in "Selection 1" will be marked in second table/analysis/charts.

Items in the "Portfolio" are available to query any other set of data as long as they have the same identification.

Would it be possible to achieve this in Version 7 or the latest Version X?

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