Is to possible toHighlight a specific rowin cross table (or) Graphical Table based on Button Click ?

Hi All,

I looking fro the possiblitiy of highlighting a spefic row in cross table or grsaphical table bsaed on buttton click.

For example consider i have agraphical table with 4 rows and i have 4 buttons in text area . My task is when we click on button one it has to highlight row 1 in table and simillary with remaing 3 buttons.

Please help me out withy any possible way .Thanks

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i can able to do it with the help of both property control and a single action control button.
But i want to avoid passing value from property control to button .Instead of that i need to pass it from button itself. Means i need to create individual button for each main column value. Why because i just have 4-5 values to highlight.

Here is the link which i got code for passing value through property control to button and after clicking it to highlight the data in the table.
Tsu9 - Apr 11, 2016 - 9:28am ::
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