Preserve details on demand configuration for on demand data tables


I've got an analysis which loads data on demand into a 2nd data table based on a marking in a 1st data table. The on demand data is also pivoted when being loaded.

I've configured a chart based on the pivoted on demand data and, more importantly and more time consuming, I've configured the details on demand section (which columns to display in what order).

If I change the marking (i.e. mark additional or different rows) in the 1st table which controls the on demand data loading everything is preserved and my details on demand section still looks as desired (same columns in the same order) just with different values being displayed. However, if I unmark all data in the 1st table making the 2nd on demand data table empty, and then mark a new set of data to populate the 2nd data table again, the complete details on demand configuration for charts based on the 2nd data table is lost and nothing is being displayed.

Is there any way how I can preserve the details on demand configuration for on demand data tables even if they happen to have 0 rows at some point in time during the analysis? It is a very wide table with > 200 columns and configuring the details on demand from scratch is really a pain...


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