Prevent to load cached data for Web player users


My spotfire file should show current data of underlying database table when any Web player users open the file however it is not happening as the file loads the data at the time of creation. I would like to prevent cached data to load when any web player users open the spotfire (version 7.0.2) file so changed data should reflect on opening. 

I looked at Server log and clearly see below cache message. Please help me to prevent loading of cached data for web player users.


TRACE 2017-10-31T06:13:48,305-0400 [*AttachmentManager.Cleaner*] server.util.ItemCache: Found cached item com.spotfire.server.util.CachedItem[key=90eb9dbd-baf4-4eb0-b22a-674edec159da,secondaryKey=9074ed88-ca07-4d17-a43e-7d71f197e0bc,age=68410982,item=InnerAttachment[id=9074ed88-ca07-4d17-a43e-7d71f197e0bc, contentType=null, characterEncoding=null, contentEncoding=null, contentLength=4653900]] in Attachment Cache cache




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