Probing for Directories with Platform Server commands

I'm attempting to implement a file pull activity using Platform Server 7.2 via Internet Server 7.3.1 from an external site.

The complication arises from the customer's site being a interim point that has files uploaded to it by mulitiple customer interal parties, and those same files downloaded from it by multiple vendor parties.  This leads to some custom directory naming conventions that need to be resolved prior to downloading any specific file.  An additional wrinkle is that depending on whether a file-to-be-downloaded has been created and uploaded or not also determines whether a directory with said naming convention exists or not.

Logically, what I need to do is probe the external site (which is configured in Internet Server as a directory download) for the existence of a directory that will require the use of wildcards (perhaps a regex expression) and if that existence probe is successful, proceeding with the download of the file with the information provided by the probe.


Directory naming convention: /VirtualAlias/{[0-9],3}-YYYYMMDDHHMMSS


Anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this using a cfrecv command (for the download)?  I'm at a loss as to how to probe for the existence of a directory or not and which tool would perform that action.