Problem with importing a datetime data to CRM 2011

I am trying to import some data from a text file into CRM 2011. The receiving entity in CRM has a field which type and Format are Date and Time as shown below:

When configuring the Target in Scribe Workbench this same field is set to be of type datetime(8):

The source data looks like this: 2011-12-27T21:15:01

I could not find a wat to directly convert the source value to datetime. I am using the following data formula to try convert the source value:

DATEVALUE(MID(S17,6,2) & " /" & MID(S17,9,2) & " /" & MID(S17,1,4) & " " & MID(S17,12,2) & " :" & MID(S17,15,2) & " :" & MID(S17,18,4))

It only stores the date part though. I am not sure if it is because I am using a function that is supposed to return the date part only or because the target field type is datetime(8) and limits the information that can be stored or combination of the two. What does 8 mean in datetime(8) anyway?

Any idea how I can store both the date and time in the target field?

Thank you!

Posted by Angel A. on Apr 5 2012 4:35PM { U3063 , F9 , T2518 , C8230 }

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