Problem with importing previosly exported map to the same solution

I use export  API (/v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/maps/export/{exportId})

to get maps from the solution as JSON. 

After that I use the same JSON to import maps to the same solution. The only thing I change are the map.Name properties. 

When the import is finished I see that maps were created in the solution but the source and target columns are empty and I can't run that maps.

When I edit imported map I see the connections are there

but when I try launch map in debug mode I get Error with the folowing text 

"An error has occurred. If the error message is unclear, read this article for help diagnosing the problem.

Could not retrieve all required information from the database to start the debug process. SolutionInstanceId=873346ed-0e78-49bf-b4d6-9b7fbc7a5b83"

the only thing that help is manually pressing reset metadata

on each connection in map. After that I press OK button, reload page in browser and go inside to my solution and I see that source and target columns are filled properly. Am I doing something wrong?

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