Problem Opening the CustomVisualView from Spotfire Web Player


I tried out the  WebDetails example from the SDK using the CustomVisual,CustomVisualView.  

I am able to run my test successfully in the Spotfire Analyst and display a test message from the customvisualView. ( see attached image analyst.jpg)

However, when I opened the same dashboard on the web player, I got  "This visualization is not supported in web clients. To use this visualization, open the analysis in the installed client." (see attached image webpalyer.jpg)

Is there a reason why I got the above message? Is CustomVisualView suppose to work in the Webplayer? If so, what can be the cause for the message above?

What can I do to get the test message to appear in the webplayer?

Thanks a lot in advance.


p.s I use Spotfire server version 7.13.0 on my sever and the Node manager. 



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