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Process Variants in Nimbus

I was busy modeling a process in Nimbus for a financial institution to manage their process on getting new financial products to market in various countries.

This is a manual process (no active instances) but there is a whole cycle of approvals involved, which can be tracked with Nimbus.

Every financial product has a document that describes this product, then for every country there is an addendum or a version of that document for that country. This addendum describes the product in relation to the laws of that specific country and the regulations when it comes to the central bank of that specific country etc.

Now the global process for a financial product is similar in every country, however they differ in the details. So (with my AMX BPM background) I was thinking to model this as one process for a specific financial product and based on what country you are from you see different sub-processes or different document attachments. Kind-a-like Dynamic Sub processes… I was wondering if such a construction is possible in Nimbus..

It turns out to be very easy, this can be done with process variants:

Then the access can be arranged by specifying the access level based on the group where the person is from (process variants that you don't have access to won't be shown).

Hugo Peters 





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