ProcessInstanceHistory not available through the adapter?

I know through the API this object is queryable, as i'm querying it in Apex Explorer.

I see the adapter will query processinstance, processinstancestep, and processinstanceworkitem, but not processinstancehistory. I'd like to use this object with an email monitor to fire emails on open approvals in SFDC, and unfortunately there's no functionality to do this natively in SFDC.

Please let me know if it's possible to hit this object with a monitor or workbench; I don't want to be forced to create apex triggers on this object to insert data into a custom object and then query that with a Query Monitor.

Also i noticed, while you can change your login url for instance from version 14.0 to 17.0 to use that version of the API in Workbench, you CANNOT do this when creating a monitor;

The error i get when trying to is:
login Failed
Response is not well-formed XML
Error opening data source SFDCAdapter.Database ( - unknown)

notice the 114.0 at the end of the URL, even when changing the logon URL in the dialog box to:

Posted by Mike S. on Dec 11 2009 5:55PM { U545 , F10 , T1025 , C2945 }

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