Prompting does not work for the dashboard which has SAP HANA as its source when opening it in both client and webplayer

I have created a data connection with some set of SAP HANA fields and I have defined the Prompting for one of the field used in that data connection. Saved the connection in Library.

I am now trying to create a new report with that data connection, when I try to call that data connection it asks for setting the parameter to the defined column name. I have set the input value, it then executes the query in background and a report has been developed on top of it. I have saved the dashboard now in library. (NOTE – Caching not enabled).

When I close that dashboard and try to open it again through both client and webplayer, it is not asking for the prompted window. Instead it directly opens the dashboard with the data set which was available while saving the report previously.

Is this how Spotfire behaves or am I missing something here. (NOTE - I am using Spotfire 7.6)

Thanks for your help in advance

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