Propagate marking from map feature layer to marker layer

I have a map chart with a marker layer showing my data by lat/lon. My data table also has a column for state district. So I added a feature layer with the appropriate districts and made sure that columns between my data and the feature layer data table are matching (via Edit > Data Table Properties). In addition, I've set up a relation for the district columns of the two data tables.

Now I am trying to propagate marking on the feature layer to the marker layer. E.g. I want to be able to mark one district on the feature layer and then all markers within that district should also become "highlighted" (or rather, all other markers become transparent). How do I do that?

Is it normal that in the map chart properties > Marker Layer Settings, the box for "Columns matched in this visualization" is empty? If I click on "Edit Column Matches", I'm back at the Data Table Properties where the column machting  is already defined...

On a side note, if I enable Data limiting using markings, that actually works. I.e. all markers in other districts than the selected one disappear. But I don't want them to disappear entirely just to become transparent.

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