Property Control to hide $0 variances in crosstable

I am trying to create a property control that will allow the user to include/exclude $0 Variance in a cross table.

I have tried creating the property control using either an integer or a drop-down and then using them to create a rule in the Show/Hide, but I haven’t got that to work.

I did get the i.VarianceFilter to work when I used it to create a property control that allows the user to put in a value and filter out values under an inputted value, but I can’t figure out how to limit it to just $0 values

Here’s the details of that:


Since I couldn’t figure out the property control, I decided to simply create a rule and just hide the $0 variance from the user ( i.e. they don’t control it).

When I tested it, it did not hide all the $0


Before the rule

After the rule

The only row that was hidden was 655210-Field Line Oper. & Repair.  It did not hide the other $0.

Here is how Variance is found and it is formatted as currency.

I’m stuck on what to try next because I don’t understand why the $0 values are not being hidden as expected when I just use a simple rule.

Any help would be appreciated.  I'm holding off on uploading the .dxp at this time since it has financal info in.

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