Publish Tibco Spotfire Url on Internet


I want to make my visualization urls on Tibco Spotfire Server avialable on internet. Currently all the configurations in the Tibco server are using my windows (Windows Server 2012 R2) machine name say in server.xml the Engine entries are either localhost or machine name same is for the Host and that is localhost.

While setting up the bootstrap file, I have used the machine name as the hostname and same name as server aliases.

I assigned a fixed IP (avialable on internet and accessible) to my machine. With this change I can access my Library on spot fire server, but when I try to open any visualization from the library, it doesn't work. Error being shown is "Web Player instance is not running".

On the server in Nodes & Servies ,I saw that my node is no more online and status is offline. I do not understand that why it went offline. I saw the warning section and the warning there is 

The Node manger <my machine name> could   not communicate with supervisor <my machine name> reason: Hearbeat missed. 


Please suggest.





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