Publishing Endpoints from TIBCO/Businessworks 6.x to Mashery.


Is there anybody who has published succesfully TIBCO/Businessworks 6.x endpoints to Mashery ?

We are running into problems... See below screenshot from TEA.

We created a mashery.ini file with the properties as described in the product documentation.Edit the bwagent.ini file at BW_HOME/config/bwagent.ini, by adding the following line to the file:

bw.mashery.config.file= ../config/mashery.ini

A search on TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-500469 says TIBCO-BWADMIN-500469 Invalid property [{0}] is unset.

Please check the properties in configuration file to connect Mashery.


Community, looking to hear from you.





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the property "bw.mashery.config.file= $FULL_PATH/config/mashery.ini" . where you are configurating in your local enviroment?

Could you add the property in appnode properties file and it check the result?

thanks and regards.

tantino - Sep 21, 2016 - 1:43am ::
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