Quick Start issue with Intelligent Equipment Accelerator


I downloaded v1.0 of the Intelligent Equipment Accelerator, and tried to install and run it.

First of all the Quick Start Guide pdf (as indicated in the README) is missing in the package.

Then, I followed the steps indicated in the README, and start of the IEA_ESP event flow fails with the following error message:

2016-06-16 14:15:46.370+0200 [main] ERROR com.streambase.sb.sbd.SBD - Module search directory /Users/ericcarlier/Development/IEA/IEA_1.0/IEA_ESP/../../../../../sb_7.6/SB_unit-testing-7.4 does not exist

Any idea what's going wrong and how to fix it ?



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thanks for the demo..

Do we have these project with SB 10 version.. and an updated quick start guide?

Appreciate your help in this regard.

rmanche - Feb 28, 2018 - 8:16am
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