Range Filter with a Bookmark help?


I have created a map for my company with multiple bookmarks to jump from a specific set of filters to the next to mannipluate data being pulled from 2 data tables.

There is a slight issue as the data includes an entry for each Calendar Date. Currently, I have Calendar Date as a filter within the bookmark via text box. However, when I reload the data or select a different button to jump to a different set of filters, the Calendar Date Range Filter jumps back to the date that I made the bookmark on (ex/ Today is August 5, but the bookmark was made on July 30). Right now, everytime after selecting a new button, one would have to remember to slide the Calendar Date filter from all data from July 30 to the last posted data to the last entry to view the most current data.

Is there a way to set the bookmark up so that one wouldn't have to worry about remembering to slide that range filter over and make it so it updates that data to represent the most latest posted data rather than being static on one single day?


Thanks in advance!