Ranking ties problem


I've an issue in displaying rank for my cross table. 

As displayed above, the percentage value for Rank 14 is all the same hence it is ranked properly.

However I'm unsure why for even though value 7.78 is the same for the distributors but it is being ranked differently as 15 and 16 (highlighted in blue border).

Below is the expression that I used for this.

DenseRank(Sum(If([No]=1,[Rating_Period3F] / [Max Score] * [Weightage])),"desc","ties.method=minimum") as [Theme (Final) Rank],
Sum([Rating_Period3F] / [Max Score] * [Weightage]) as [Percentage]

Help! Thanks.



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This looks like a rounding thing. Can you increase the decimal places on your percentage column? Perhaps some values are 7.781 and some are 7.782?

Monte_Fisto - May 26, 2016 - 4:30am ::
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