Read geometries in Spotfire from Postgres/PosGIS geospatial data base


we are trying to read geometries in Tibco Spotfire from a Postgres/PosGIS geospatial data base. We have read that since Spotfire 7.14 Spatial objects are supported directly, but we are not able to display the Geometry columns on a map in Spotfire.

In particular, the column we are trying to read has the type geometry in the Postgre database.

Do we need to create additional columns such as Xmin, Xmax, Ymin, Ymax, CenterX and CenterY for Spotfire to properly interpret the shapes?

Do we need to set the geometry column to be WKB (Well Known Binary) type?

Are there any other requirements the we are missing? If not, what would be the correct steps to be able to display the shapes on a map in Spotfire?

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