Real time integration and Ignore User

Hi, I am very new to Scribe Online, and I am integrating two CRM instances (2011 and Dynamics 365) of Accounts and Contacts. The requirement is to create/update records in the target CRM from the source. And this is a bi-directional sync.


Currently the mapping is set up as a scheduled integration, so my question is how do I set it up as a real-time? 


Also, with the current mapping, I have two solutions, one handles integration from 2011 to 365; another from 365 to 2011, but it creates a loop - For example an Account record newly created in 2011 is sync'ed to 365, and this insert in 365 will trigger the update/insert back to 2011. I believe this can be avoid using Ignore User in Scribe Insight, what's the equivalent in Scribe Online?



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