Recommendations for performance

Loading data from MSSQL2014 into OnPrem Dynamics CRM 2016 using Scribe 7.9.1 is a slow but necessary task (imho).

As the CRM only processes one row at a time, this turns out to be a serial operation, I have started to look into running .dts in parallel.

I have stumbled upon recommending using a .bat file to leverage parallelism. Is this stil the recommended approach?


Is Scribe itself not capable of running in parallel and submit the requests to the CRM simultaneously? I have tried to allow for multiple sessions in the CRM adapter configuration, but I am not seeing any performance increase.


The bat-file approach seems to me as a 'hack' (yet boots performance significantly) and includes som logging issues if the SCRIBEINTERNAL is the preferred  for monitoring.


Any recommendations will be welcome.

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