Reload Data only for data tables set to "Load automatically"


We've got an analysis where a small and fast main data table #1 is used to limit the data being downloaded on demand into a 2nd much larger sub data table #2.

Data table #2 is set to "Data on demand" and the input parameter is limited by a marking in table #1. Because data table #2 downloads a lot of data and I didn't want it to trigger the download every time someone fumbles with that marking, "Load automatically" is unchecked for table #2 and instead there is a text area with a button triggering the download via a Python script. So that works fine, however, what I'm struggling with is the "Reload Data" button to refresh the complete analysis.

Say that based on inputs to the prompts for the information link used for table #1 you download a data set A-main into table #1. You then mark some rows and download a larger data set A-sub into table #2.

When you click "Reload Data" and you provide different values to the prompt for table #1 you will download different data set B-main into table #1 and nothing will be marked in table #1. Nevertheless table #2 is refreshed as well at that point downloading the same data set A-sub associated to the previous data set A-main in table #1. Obviously you don't need that data because it is not related to B-main so I'd like to get rid of the long refresh time for table #2 and only refresh it when clicking that button in the text area.

I can't find a way how to refresh table #1 with showing all the prompts that would typically show when using "Reload Data" but w/o refreshing table #2 at the same time. When using "Refresh Data / With Prompt" from the Data Table Properties Window I get all the other prompts on how to pivot table #1 etc. as well. I only found this and even there I can't see that a solution on how to make the prompts show up was provided. Any ideas how this can be achieved would be highly welcome.