Remove Time Format in X Axis Continuous Scale

Hi Tibco Community,

Please anyone could help me how to remove time format in X Axis Continuous Scale? (see attachment TimeFormatToRemove_02.jpg, red signed in X-Axis)

I have a Line Chart plot with Date in X-Axis. In data table, it is formated as Date in data type -- without time format (see attachment dateformat.jpg). Somehow, it show Time Format (12.00:00 AM) in X-Axis Continuous Scale. When I checked to formatting in the Properties, the Date is categorized as Text, then I do not have any flexibility to change the format in chart properties.

Just for additional information. in this case I have to use Continuous Scale in order to be able to add vertical line. So there's no option to change it to categorical scale.

Highly appreciate for your insight and solution for this issue.




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