Replicating a Scatter Plot with a Bar Chart.

Hello Guys,

I have a requirement where the user wants to see the different ground formation layers as you drill beneath the earth. She initially plotted it on a scattor plot, but wanted to see it on a bar chart because a segmented bar looks more like a "layer".....basically, imagine you slicing the ground (like a slice of cake) will see different layers/segments beneath the earth that represents different types of rock as you drill deeper.

The issue is, when you plot it on a bar chart....the scale sums the depth of all formations together instead of not having an aggregation as seen on a scatter plot. I've attached the .dxp that provides an example of my situation. I would like the bar chart in the attached .dxp to be identical to the scatter plot.......the scale and the order of the formation color needs to match what is displayed in the scatter plot.

Please help me with this issue. If a bar chart is impossible to fulfill this requirement, can you provide a workaround....maybe even a different type of visualization? I am using version 7.14 and updating to 10 soon. Thank you in advance!


Binary Data barcharthelp.dxp364.08 KB

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