In the report, I find that a small number of data did not appear in the spotfire. Please advise how can I resolve this

Missing data in spotfire compared to the excel spreadsheet.

I have tried to change the format of the data, although the data does appear, but can still spot missing data. Please advise how to resolve this issue


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It seems that the omitted data 012100263T in the Material column is a string type because of the 'T' at the end. When importing the table, you will see a dialogue that asks which columns to import. There is a drop down box there that allows you to select the data type. Currently it looks like it is set to Real as the other numerical entries are converted to number type with 2 decimal places. It would be a good idea to check all the other column data types you want to import.

Import again and select String for Material column. If you want this to be a numerical column then thats the next issue.

Hope that helps,


dan.mcnulty - Jul 16, 2018 - 3:57am ::
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