reports with embeded data - how it is stored in Spotfire DB


Spot 7.7.1

We have from time to time locks on Spotfire library_items table causing problems with Spotfire, we have 4 spotfire servers. All machines are available for webplayer users and developers under same URL. Spotfire DB has 600 gb and we have huge amount of reports with embeded data in Spotfire DB, the reports we cache on spotfire webplayer servers to provide better performance, Reports have from 100kB to 500MB. Few weeks ago we installed hotfixes which should resolve the issue but did not. Maybe you have similar setup and you can advise something. My general question is: how such reports are stored in DB, they are BLOBs? Because of often updates I suppose we have problem with fragmentation and sessions on DB. Performance degradation cause locks and Spotfire hung. In Spot log we find info that spotfire cant write report to DB. Do you think Attachment Manager can cause any problems in such scenario?


thx for help






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