A request regarding an over function statement

Hi Spotfire experts:


One customer of ours runs into an issue using the OVER function in a cross table. 

We put the date column in the column axis and the value formula in each cell looks like this:

( Sum([txn_amt]) - (Sum([txn_amt]) OVER (LastPeriods(3,[Axis.Columns])) / 3) )
 (Sum([txn_amt]) OVER (LastPeriods(3,[Axis.Columns])) / 3)

Bascially what's showing here: 

Sum([txn_amt] is the Current Month Value

(Sum([txn_amt]) OVER (LastPeriods(3,[Axis.Columns])) / 3)  is the Average Value for Last 3 Months

We are trying to compute the Variance % between those two. 

But this expression won't work in the cross table.


Could someone give us some guidance?

Thanks in advance!





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