Requirement is to write query (Using Business works) on...

Requirement is to write query (Using  Business works) on Active space,

To sort records based on particular query(Say AS_ASC_APP_ID="1002" and AS_SESSION_TYPE="P" and (AS_PUT_POOL_TSTMP +720000)<tib:timestamp() order by AS_PUT_POOL_TSTMP)

and then from the output of Query  TAKE only one record.

If we are writing any query related to sorting it can only be done when "CURRENT" is selected from the "TIMESCOPE" field of  QUERY PALETTE.

Document states "Time_scope_Current supports orderby while Time_scope_snapshot does not support order by".

Now if Time_scope_Current is used to achieve orderby then Query limit feature is disabled in the Business works pallete.Issue persists Even if the query limit has been set on Space creation itself.

It means one Record can't be achieved directly from the query when we are sorting. 

Document also says When CURRENT is selected from the TimeScope list, you can only select GET from the BroweserType list.You can not use Take.

It means even if you are able to achieve only one record by any means you cannot "TAKE" the record.

what can be solution for this??

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