Restrict Webusers to access DXP on Analyst(Client)

Is there any way to restrict web users to open dxp on analyst(client) if they also have analyst installed on their machines. Normally what happens with web users (Consumer and Enterprize License) that they are able to access the dashboards only in webplayer but in my case few users have analyst installed on their machines. So what happens is, they login to analyst and using the "Open from Library" they can download the dxp's which I don't want.

I tried removing the "Open from Library" option from Enterprize player but now they can't access the dashboards in webplayer.


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One Option is to restict them from saving the dxp which can be done by below two options. In this case they will be able to open and not save the DXP. 


Save Spotfire Analysis File
 Allows a user to save a Spotfire analysis file. 
   Save to Library
 Allows a user to save a file to the Spotfire library.

Hitesh Ganger - Mar 10, 2017 - 12:06am ::
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